What is stopping you
- become the healthier
version of yourself?
What is stopping you - become the healthier version of yourself?
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To increase your Nutrient bioavailability and get most out of your food.

I help people who are lacking in energy and struggling with weight management, or who simply want to enhance their health to look and feel great and get their mojo back!

About Me

Hello! I am Saba Stone, a certified and registered Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, consulting clients both online and in Central London. As a food and health enthusiast, I help my clients attain their health and wellness goals through nutrition, and lifestyle choices.

I have a master’s in chemical research, due to my scientific background, I am strongly influenced by evidence-based data and therefore, use reliable research results to tailor nutrition and lifestyle plans for my clients.

After my education, I have worked across a wide spectrum of fields from a business consultant in the corporate world to an entrepreneur with my own fashion accessories business. I aspire to understand my client’s background, lifestyle, and goals before recommending solutions to improve their wellbeing.

Having lived in Istanbul, London, Hong Kong, and New York, I believe I have a unique understanding of different cultures, traditions, and lifestyle habits. Moreover, I have had exposure to different cuisines, ingredients, and eating habits. My experiences make me extra aware of cultures so that I can customize your diet and wellness programs to match your eating habits, likes, and lifestyles. 

Based on my personal experience after having children, I have found that calorie counting and fad diets do not work in the long-term. I have personally spent my late thirties and early forties being unhappy about my weight and energy levels.

I soon realized that restrictive diets deny you of the pleasures of life and only offer short-term weight loss that is not realistic or sustainable in the long-term. I developed my own nutrition program that was achievable, based on my routine and habits. Having been able to not only achieve my health goals but reach new personal accomplishments with my program, I decided to study nutrition to professionally help people trying to find reach their own health goals.As a mother of two, I resonate with the pressure of finding the right work-life balance. Moreover, having worked in the corporate world, I know how work can often make you neglect your personal wellbeing.


Whether you are an ambitious executive, parent, or suffering from a mid-life slump, if you are interested in improving your health and meeting aspiring wellness goals but aren’t able to, I offer expert advice that is tailored to fit your specific needs and help you feel rebooted and refreshed.

Looking to feel fitter, more energetic, or simply happier? Get in touch now.

Probably most of you know what is healthy. The challenge lies in making these healthy food choices and lifestyle habits more accessible and more enjoyable. I strongly believe good health and wellness comes from living a happy and enjoyable life.

You can be healthy and eat your cake, too – when the occasion calls for it.


My Approach

I have always been a foodie and a passionate cook. For me, being healthy has never been about eating less or counting calories. However, my recipes are always well-balanced and nutritious. Given my Turkish background I am influenced by Mediterranean diet and lifestyle.

I believe that healthy eating should be enjoyable. If it feels good, you are much more likely to continue doing it and make it a lifestyle habit. I believe that nutrition is not about deprivation, but rather about moderate consumption, balance, and variety. Therefore, I focus more on adding to my clients’ habits rather than just restricting foods.

I believe that small but wise and well-chosen lifestyle changes make a big impact. During our coaching sessions, you learn how to both eat and live in a healthy manner, through attainable, sustainable choices that work for you, even when you are traveling or attending occasions.

I understand that to turn healthy eating to healthy living, programs shouldn’t be complicated or time consuming. Therefore, I aim to help my clients feel happy and energetic, burn fat and get fit, through efficient and effective custom plans.


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