I support my clients both online and in London with a range of health goals including weight-loss, nutritional optimisation, improving energy levels, sleep, and stress management.

Private Consultations

Prior to your consultation you will receive a questionnaire which will require you to fill in your lifestyle habits, medical history, and a three-day food diary. The completed questionnaire needs to be returned to me 48 hours before your consultation. This allows me to analyse and build a profile of your nutrition and lifestyle habits.

I support my clients in reaching their goals by educating, supporting, and coaching throughout the process. Since it takes time to change behaviour and establish new habits, I often work with my clients on a package basis. All packages include an initial consultation with dietary analysis and follow up consultations. In addition, I support my clients via email throughout the package duration.

The number of packages and consultations needed is determined by your target goals.  This can be discussed during our 15-minute free discovery call.

Initial Consultation

This includes a software dietary analysis of your food diary and nutrition recommendations.

Feel Better Package 

1 initial and 2 x follow up consultations over a 4-week period.  You will receive a personalised nutrition plan built around your needs and likes. It is ideal if you are already reasonably disciplined with your Nutrition and lifestyle choices but need to get back on track.

Look Better Package 

1 initial and 4 x follow up consultations over an 8-week period. As well as receiving personalised nutrition, you will receive lifestyle improvement support. This is an entry level package if you are aiming for weight-loss, and increased energy levels.

Deluxe Package 

1 initial and 10 x follow up consultations over a 12-week period. This may be beneficial for you if you require ongoing support and accountability towards achieving your goal and implementing sustainable lifestyle changes.

Corporate Wellness

I deliver educational and informative workshops to inspire and motivate your employees to make small but effective Nutrition and lifestyle changes to improve their health & well-being, energy levels, and performance at work.

The workshops can be held as part of the “Power Breakfast” or “Lunch and Learn” theme across a 60/90 minute time period on-site or online.

The workshops can be created from topics listed below, but not limited to, and can be customised according to your needs.

On the day of the event, your employees will receive downloadable information booklets on the relevant workshop topics, and a e-recipe book that is full of healthy meals and creative ideas.

Please get in touch below to discuss your requirements and tailor your corporate wellness package.